APNU+ AFC 100 day plan will be delivered-Harmon

Georgetown : Assigned Head of the Presidential Secretariat Joseph Harmon said that the APNU+AFC overall 100-day plan has to do with commitment and confidence building. “It has to do with the confidence we have in national institutions. It has to do with the mobilisation and the engagement of the people in the process of decision making,” Harmon told the National Communications Network (NCN) Inc. He explained that the cane farmers and rice farmers’ conferences were “all about getting the issues that do affect the industry from the bottom up, getting the actual people who have to do the planting, who have to do the repairing and reaping, involved in the decision making of the industry. Harmon noted that these persons’ views are often ignored or disregarded by the people at the top. “The people who actually toil in the sun and the rain on a daily basis, their views are not taken into consideration,” he explained. This is why the APNU+AFC has as part of its 100-day plan these conferences and, as well as such tasks as the de-politicising of the National Toshaos Conference. “We are going to remove the political element out of it. What you will get is genuine decision-making for Amerindian communities, the rice farmers and cane farmers,” he explained. Harmon said that these plans are not “pies in the sky” but are things that the party has genuinely considered and feel it can achieve. The new APNU+AFC administration, as part of its immediate plans, will seek to reduce the Berbice Bridge toll, significantly increase salary for public servants, implement a phased reduction of VAT, remove VAT from food and other essential items, set the date for the early holding of Local Government Elections, establish the Public Procurement Commission, call a National Cane Workers and Cane Farmers Conference, arrange a National Rice Farmers and Rice Millers Conference, set up an Investigative Commission on Corruption, Task Forces on Crime & Security and on Road Safety, and a National Conference for Women, and a bi-partisan Women’s Working Group.